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Validating web site visual studio

Rob Conery got me thinking about web site maintenance and I put forward a brief comment on the two distinct types and how Visual Studio handles them which I have expanded upon here.Primarily for working with ad-hoc web sites that have programmed elements.Deployment is typically via MSI installers however you can also utilise the addition Web Deployment Projects add-in which allows you to deployment directly to servers which is useful for deploying to test environments.Sander and I were discussing this article and thought an interesting solution might be to use the Web Application model for local development but to use the Publish option to publish all solution files to an intermediate directory.

Complete source code of this test application is available for download along with this article.The second parameter is a Script Resource Definition object. That's all you need to do for enabling unobtrusive validation.To test the unobtrusive validation you can create a sample web form that uses validation controls.In the above example, the j Query file resides in the Scripts folder and Microsoft AJAX CDN is used as a CDN. Once the Script Resource Definition instance is ready, you add this definition to the Script Resource Mapping using Add Definition() method.The first parameter of the Add Definition() method is the name of the script resource and it must be jquery for j Query library.

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The following figure shows a simple data entry form for the Customers table of Northwind database. The Insert Item Template of the Form View is shown below: The form uses Required Field Validator controls for all the fields, viz.