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Depending on your needs Passion M1 suits well as a home or a cottage.Passion Houses have been designed and engineered to last. Strong structure, triple glazed windows, natural wood parquet and solid wood terraces.What made this case different was not the amount of letters that had been sent out (suspected to be in the high five figures area) and neither was it the fact that it involved, once again, many people that did not even own a computer.What caused all the attention, was that it was the first time that the supposed copyright infringement consisted of watching a film on a video portal on the internet.The latest technology windows are energy efficient and durable. “Smart home” means for us a home that does things for you instead of forcing you to become an IT operator for your house.

Passion M1 is specially designed and honed for compact living.

Adding Passion House’s timeless design and you have house that stylishly resist time.

Breathtaking panoramic views, healing natural light and closeness to nature. Passion House approach to “Smart home” differs from others.

In the last two weeks a wave of cease and desist letters sloshed over the country.

This happens from time to time and is also not very noteworthy.

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It doesn’t happen every day that copyright law and its daily application receive such an overwhelming media coverage.