Recorded chat room

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Recorded chat room

The term was probably developed by people (like me) who didn’t want to keep writing out “viruses and spyware and adware and …” when writing about current internet threats.

"NWSChat Live" is a pure web browser instant messaging client for NWSChat.

While talking with our Lync team about training subjects to cover, I realized I hadn’t blogged about Chat in a while. It’s a very useful part of Lync Server (especially in 2013).

So, this will be the first of a double-post on Persistent Chat.

Fortunately, by taking steps to keep your personal information private, being cautious when it comes to interacting with people you meet online, and ending communication with people who threaten you, you’ll be better able to safeguard yourself from predators.

While most people who frequent online chatrooms are good people, there are some who are there to prey on or bully other people.

The first post will go over what persistent chat is, and what’s been changed from Group Chat in Lync Server 2010. Last year I posted a ‘Group Chat 101’, saying Group Chat “provides text-based chat rooms where chats are recorded and searchable.” Persistent Chat for Lync Server 2013 is still centered around this idea of recorded chat rooms.

The second post will cover how to use Persistent Chat’s chat rooms, as well as some potential roles these chat rooms can play in your organization. But it’s received some upgrades from the 2010 version. Group Chat was a separate download from Lync Server 2010.

In-meeting chat can be saved manually or automatically.

Auto-save chat will automatically save your in-meeting chat locally on your computer.

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Ultimately, there’s no way to prove that it can’t be (or wasn’t) recorded. And ultimately, if this is something that really concerns you, don’t do that! Malware is a kind of catchall phrase that encompasses pretty much any kind of software that could cause harm to your data or your machine.

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