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But it isn’t just governments who are co-opting webcams to do their surveillance work.In 2010, high school administrators in Pennsylvania took more than 30,000 webcam images of students using remote access tools installed on school-issued laptops.

The Chinese government used a program called Ghostnet—which involved remote access to webcams—to spy directly on the Dalai Lama, though it is not known whether or not they first disabled the indicator light.

He said he suffered from Asperger syndrome (high functioning autism) and had poor social skills that made him a lonely person.

Prior to suicide, he doped himself up with painkillers (100mg dexofen and 1500mg paracetamol) and tested self strangulation.

This view of the Old Faithful Geyser is captured from a webcam inside the visitor education center.

Predictions for the next Old Faithful Geyser eruption are shown on this page.

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The suicide announcement that Marcus Jannes made came only minutes before he put the noose around his neck.