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Edit: usernames, and the people behind the username!Katsuki_Yuuri: Yuuri Number1skatingdad/number1skatingmom: Viktor Thereal Otabek: Otabek Sexyandiknowit: Chris Winter Tiger: Yuri(o)Phi SHIT: Phichit King Kongpingpong: Guan-Hong Crispyman: Michele/Sara Seung_Gil: Seung-Gil JJ-style: Jean-Jaques Leroy Katsuki Yuuri Is The Best: Minami Phi SHIT: yuuuuuuuuuri Phi SHIT: yuuri Phi SHIT: yuuri answer your fukcing phone Phi SHIT: ill send viktor that video of you poledancing Katsuki_Yuuri: DON'T Phi SHIT: there you are!It should be noted that the word 'Nowt' is pretty widespread.It's certainly part of Lincolnshire dialect (see under N of course), which takes it as far south as The Wash.WE ARE WATING ASUS SO PLEASE TELL US WHICH MONTH YOU WILL GIVE THIS UPDATE. Julianna Margulies’s “Good Wife” wig happened like the dissolution of Alicia Florrick’s marriage — in fits and starts, then all at once. It was revealed during a 2010 Banff TV fest panel and written up in Variety, though the show had yet to develop the kind of cult following that might have rendered such information a news item.

Phi SHIT: was it all for naught Phi SHIT: ಥ_ಥKatsuki_Yuuri: I'm sorry!And then, of course, there are the many changes to the wig(s), which take on different meanings in the context of Alicia’s story, be that via bangs, or light waves, or that godawful middle part she started with at the beginning of this season, which could only plausibly signal her return to underdog status in the legal hierarchy.We can speculate for hours about what the wig might mean, and, actually, let’s do exactly that! When else are we going to be able to reverently discuss a woman’s fake hair for more than 75 words? And we need tge google's new os android naught 7.0 update.Because we trust and we like as well as we love the asus brand we need this update.

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In honor of what may be the greatest experimental procedural of all time (and our last time watching three to five minutes of “Madame Secretary” waiting for it to start), Laura Snapes and I have come together for a grand finale discussion of the arc of the wig.