Keira knightley dating rupert friend Sexy text chat girls

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Keira knightley dating rupert friend

In the same year, he portrayed Wickham in Joe Wright's version of Pride and Prejudice.

JAMIE DORNAN USP Never before has a psychopath been so sexy.

Keira Knightley was indeed out with her hunky man… but this is not a picture of her Pirates of the Caribbean co-star, Orlando Bloom.

Because some of our subjects are, well, obscure, some of our details are sketchy at best. First, there were reports that Keira Knightley and Rupert Friend were engaged.

The pouting actress has amassed countless plaudits for her performances over the years but it’s recently become clear that she can also lay claim to having the Midas touch when it comes to those she invites into her inner circle.

Cases in point: ex-boyfriends Jamie Dornan of The Fall and Homeland’s Rupert Friend.

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Both actors were on the periphery of stardom during their respective courtships with the Anna Karenina star, and since they parted they have hit the big time on two of TV’s biggest success stories.

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