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Francois graff dating

But the billionaire jeweller, nicknamed “the King of Diamonds”, was facing a rocky patch in his own nuptials yesterday.Mr Graff looked set to be dragged before the divorce courts by his glamorous blonde French wife Anne-Marie.An avid collector of modern and contemporary art, a world leader within the diamond industry and an equally devoted philanthropist, Laurence Graff opened the doors to Delaire Graff Estate in 2009.Having transformed the Estate into an extraordinary luxury destination – The Jewel of the Cape Winelands – nestled in the heart of South Africa’s Stellenbosch Valley."I had the opportunity to examine and value it in my own offices, and I came to the conclusion it was one of the rarest stones I'd ever seen." 'True perfection'Initially valued at around m, Mr Graff paid more than m.

And while I'm waiting with my case, an Arab sheikh came along. " I said, "I have some beautiful things, Your Highness." He said, "Well, come up to the penthouse and show me what you have." I said, "I'll be right up. So that might have been one of the occasions that I started buying art—all good for the dustbin years later. I was always a little bit of a collector and a hoarder. PB: But you came seriously to art in taking an established position with impressionism. But first I have to see Miss Elizabeth Taylor." She came out. And whenever I got involved in anything, whatever it was—even when I was a kid and I collected cigarette cards-I really got into it and had the most. LG: I went to an auction in the late '70s and bought a small Renoir. " I said, "I can put it in the safe with my diamonds." And that was a true story. , owner of the Delaire Graff Estate, the design of each lodge is inspired by the local Cape Dutch architecture with a palette that takes inspiration from the backdrop of the wine lands.Flawless beauty"I've been privileged over the years to own some of the world's most important and famous diamonds, but I would say that the Wittelsbach-Graff is the most valuable and the most beautiful," he said.Sitting unadorned on a silken white cloth, it glittered grey and blue in the low light.

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