Dating an addict in recovery

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Men who stop using drugs or alcohol but have not yet addressed their underlying psychological issues and emotional challenges often transfer their chemical addiction into the sexual or romantic arena.

Watch this video to hear more about my experience with disclosing that I am in recovery, and please share your own–or your thoughts on the matter–below.There are often times in which one partner relapses and the other follows, although this isn’t a guarantee.If you decide that you want to date non-recovering people, it’s best to have some clean time under your belt and be solid in your recovery, as this can lead to tempting situations.Here are a few tips that can help you navigate the new world of dating in sobriety: Tip #1 - Decide If You Want to Date Others in Recovery or “Normies”This can be something that changes over time or on a case-to-case basis, although there are many who typically date one or the other.While there are a lot of benefits to dating those in recovery, it can also lead to risky situations.

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Other men pick up women at AA or NA meetings, masturbate compulsively, visit prostitutes and massage parlors, or spend multiple hours a day looking at online pornography.

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